“The name kamandalu is adopted from the sacred Sanskrit language and it refers to a vessel that holds holy water. The process of actually creating this container has deep spiritual meaning whereby the maker must break away from the attachments of the physical world and purify himself of self-desire. The appearance of the kamandalu is simple, but it bears great significance since it holds the holy water, which is considered to be the essence of life itself. Kamandalu Ubud brings the same significant vision as its namesake to create a meaningful place where guests are able to break away from the frantic pace of daily life and experience true inner peace. Kamandalu Ubud has been enchanting guests since 1992 with its traditional village concept incorporating luxury accommodation within a natural landscape that features productive rice terraces. The property underwent extensive renovation in 2011, which included the establishment of two brand new villa categories. All facilities and villa interiors were upgraded to anticipate the needs of modern travellers and provide an enriching experience on the island of Bali.” – Kamandalu

Kamandalu is a well-known 5 star luxury resort and spa located in Ubud, famous for its serenity and almost untouched nature. There are a lot of other popular tourist destinations in Bali, but Ubud is unlike the rest as it is more representative of of Bali culture and local village life.

If you’ve been on any Instagram Bali tags, you’ve surely spotted Kamandalu a few times! It is massively popular for its luxurious private villa pools and floating trays. Guest book in advance and other activities require booking as well. If you are looking to just get in and have a peek at a bit of their wonders, this is the way to do it:

Show up. Their gates are always closed so tell the security that you are coming for lunch. You will be greeted at the reception even before you step foot inside and you will inform staff there about your lunch plans as well. Now, as much in Kamandalu requires you to be a paid guest, options are limited, but still kinda cool! You will be led past their massive public pool to a small bar area by another pool overlooking the jungle. The first highlight would be chatting up with the bartender there who we found extremely engaging in a much needed un-patronising way. He told us of his life outside work and we told him of our own work through our travels. We find it very necessary and wholesome to properly engage with people whose homes/lands we are visiting.

The next (free) highlight would be the treehouse which gives an even better view of the lush jungle. As it seems to be our luck, we went during off season so it felt great to have the entire space to ourselves! Help yourself to an order of mango juice and look into the wildness!

Turns out that one of Kamandalu’s popular highlights is also free! The swing is every Instagrammer’s dream and it JUST for picture taking. We can’t imagine how it would be like on a busy day with people lining up just for a shot. Depending on your schedule, try to go a bit in the early afternoon. Might be a bit hot, but completely worth it!

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