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  1. Delphino Ulysses Williams

    Sup man
    My name’s Delphino. Born n raised in San Francisco, but been working abroad from the last 10 years within sports and education.

    I’m headed to Bangkok on July 8th/9th and then down to Koh Panang for the Full Moon Party on the 10th. Before my homegirl and I head down to the islands, we’d like to have a solid ‘lit’ night out in Bangkok. So we’re looking for a nice spot to eat out at, and then hit up a cool westerner bar and then finish things off with a night club, poppin bottles and such. We’re both coming from living in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, so we’re no strangers to the party scene, but we’ve been told that Bangkok is on its own level.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated or direct connects on who to speak with.



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