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Passport Heavy is your in-depth guide to everything you need to know about everywhere you want to go and the places you have yet to discover.
Founded in 2016 by experienced traveler and innovative marketer, Jubril Agoro, Passport Heavy is a video production company created to connect and inspire a new generation of travelers.

Passport Heavy is one of the biggest travel channels on Youtube delivering authentic video content on destinations worldwide alongside creative film-makers, social media travel influencers, and photographers.

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The main goal of Passport Heavy is to share the joys of travel with the rest of the world and help other brands do the same.

Our mission is to educate through travel. To influence a new narrative in media, so as to break down old views allowing people to experience the world differently and truly.


We do video production, creative social media influencer campaigns and out the box video marketing campaigns for countries and many other brands within the travel industry. The main goal of Passport Heavy is to share the joys of travel with the rest of the world and help other brands do the same.

  • Narrative Creation
  • Pre-production Planning
  • Production
  • Post Production Editing & Music
  • Social Media Travel Influencer Campaigns
  • Video Marketing Campaigns


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This marketing expert turned world traveler used his love of the untapped beauty and culture in uncommon destinations to spark a new narrative in travel, Passport Heavy.

Filmmaker from New Jersey who loves telling stories. His videos have an amazing and unique narrative style. Always adding epicness to the Passport Heavy channel.

Anthony started freelancing to pursue a career in filmmaking, and to express himself creatively through the visual arts. Now he's the youngest and craziest filmmaker in the crew.

Production/Graphic Design 
Graphic designer and the person in charge to make everything happen. Always eager to learn new stuff, visit new places, meet cool people and live in the outside, Passport Heavy style

Project Manager
Charismatic Capetonian entrepreneur with a passion for travel & adventure forms. Newest addition to the team, always proactive and bringing big things for Passport Heavy.

Nigerian kid born in London and raised in Chicago. Athlete by day, party animal by night. On a mission to show the world it's possible to travel and stay in shape at

Lifestyle, beauty, and travel influencer and the founder of She invites all women to use travel as a catalyst for growth and to find their courage to bloom.

She has been working as a freelance writer/editor and travel/lifestyle blogger in Exploring and learning more about her part in the world as she goes.

Taught himself the art of marketing to fund his adventures along the way. He’s established himself as World Nate and shares his adventures through his website