Bali has just about everything covered in terms of it being a tourist destination and while it’s fun and easy to get caught up with yoga, surfing, temples and jungles, it’s also just as easy to oversee the true elements of Balinese living. But naturally, with the tourism boom, people have made a market just for that! There are several establishments in Ubud alone that offer local experiences to visitors. One of them being local cooking classes. Naturally, we had to give it a try!

The Balinese Farm Cooking School offers life outside of the city with an opportunity to meet locals in a Balinese market and cook some good healthy food. It takes about an hour to get to the school and getting out of Ubud should be a welcome change!

Before we got to the farm, we were taken to the market to take a look (and taste) of the local ingredients we will be using in the kitchen. The market opened by 3am! Which makes sense for restaurants and businesses looking to get a start on their profits, but we got there at 9am so stalls were closing up. There were quite a few available for us to taste some new fruits and learn about the local wares.

After the market, we headed to the farm where all their products are organic, with no pesticides. We were given cute baskets and led around the tidy farm where different crops and their uses were pointed out to us. They had a variety of fruits, vegetables and spices which we got to pick for ourselves and take back to the cooking station, this is the only school in Bali where you can pick for yourself! A menu was given to us for dish selection on what to cook.

The hosts were young, knowledgeable and passionate about their cooking, carefully guiding the Passport Heavy team with their ingredients and steps. They knew so much about their traditional dishes, not just about taste, but also medicinal purposes!

The food was cooked and eaten super quickly! It was a great experience to simply get away from the tourist buzz and just spend a few hours in the jungle with great people and flavors!

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