Most people enjoy traveling on a budget – it gives you opportunities to explore more of the unseen not to mention a bit more spending cash to indulge in more activities! Chiang Mai is a city where urbanisation meets rural life and it is rapidly becoming a destination spot to an increasing number of travellers in search of a relaxed place that has the perfect blend of rich cuisine, alluring natural sights and of course, good-value accommodation.

For us Passport Heavy folks, we love Chiang Mai. It’s a breather from bustling Bangkok and when we do visit Chiang Mai, we tend to stay for the long haul. For travellers looking to stay for any period of time here, hostels are an easy pick. They’re affordable and if you’re traveling solo, not a bad place to meet new faces!

We’ve stayed in our fair share of hostels but one to rave about is Fashen Poshtel. Located in the center of Chiang Mai, it’s just a 10-minute drive or so from Nimman Road and old town. There’s laundry service and a 7-11 store just about 50 meters away from Poshtel along with local food spots and a few small restaurants.

Depending on the room you pick, nightly costs vary between $20 – $40. They have various rooms, from bunk beds to singles and all spacious and impeccable. The dorm-like room with the bunk beds are more suited for people who know each other so if you are traveling alone, we recommend you get a room to yourself unless you’re not too fussy about privacy! The single-room beds are huge and have that hotel-bed feel – you know, the feeling of never wanting to leave!

What really sells this place besides the graciousness of the owners is the effort they put into the design of their space. The decor is minimal and chic. One of the co-owners is a fashion photographer so you will spot his work through the halls! Mornings at Fashen Poshtel start off with your choice of coffee or tea and a selection of yogurt with fruits, museli, sweet rice, soup, you can never be too sure as the meal will deliciously vary throughout your stay with them!

The general space (or lobby) has a beautiful set up of window or table seating. Depending on the weather, you can eat your meals outside on their small veranda surrounded by ferns. For the photo enthusiast, you will see for yourself just how every corner is an Instagram worthy moment!

When traveling, we encourage you to always be on the look-out for the new and this is a space that is adding to the new image and experience of what travel and hostel living really is like.

Photography byย Yagazie Emezi

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