Traveling never appealed to me unless I could be successful and grow while doing so.

I didn’t want to travel to find myself or go on some soul-searching adventure. I simply wanted to do meaningful work while I traveled. The internet has made that possible with a new breed of people called, ‘Digital Nomads’. For the last 7 years, I have done just that. Throughout my travels, I have been running my Facebook social media marketing agency.

Partnering with people like Tiffany Budgetnista really serves my soul personally as well as financially. We are helping educate people in finance on a mass scale. The results have been crazy. So many are people who are improving their credit to the point of buying houses. People are learning how to budget and are investing. It’s deep because it doesn’t only affect the person but their whole family as well.

We created an educational tool, monetized it and from there, scaled it up. Facebook ads helped scale this into one of the biggest names in personal finance. People have been so interested to learn how that happened. They want to learn how to scale into a business so I have created an online web class.

You can register here for web class.

People are also always talking about turning their passion into a career. I met a guy named Lars in a co-working space in Bali. He shared how he created a card game about memories with friends and family. He did a crowdfunding campaign for his idea and sold 500. He saw he had an idea that would sell so to scale things, he used Facebook Ads and they went from 500 cards to 30,000 within 12 months.

Lars went from being a dreamer to a full blown entrepreneur and major business owner.

Simple ideas matched with the right audience can blow people’s’ minds.

I would love to show how myself and others are using Facebook ads to crush it in the web class.

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