For the last 5+ years, I HAVE TRAVELED THE WORLD, NON-STOP.

I’ve watched the USA basketball team play in Barcelona, Spain. I’ve chilled with monks in Thailand, I’ve been Island hopping in Fiji, and I’ve raced ATV’s on the beach in Panama.

Most people associate traveling abroad with the elite and well off folks. But the reality is that most are normal black folks like me and you. They don’t have a couple million bucks just chilling in their checking accounts, deciding where to splurge next. They are students, small business owners, corporate folks, military, airline attendants, doctors, artists, photographers, you name it.

Everyone and anyone can travel.

Black Travelers in Panama

Over time and through my travels, I realized that a lot of folks are completely unaware of how affordable international travel is. For the same amount you would spend on a crazy weekend in Vegas or Miami, that same amount of money could be spent overseas in a new place.

Here’s one thing that I’ve learned over time… Something that might seem ordinary to you, might be extraordinary to someone else.

For the first couple of years that I traveled, I took a few pictures and a couple of videos. I would always look through them and wonder WHY I was the only black person in a lot of the places I visited.

I would love to see more of my brothers and sisters around the world with me.

I don’t want Paris to seem like a pipe dream that only Kanye and Jay can do.

For people who want to know, I have an online marketing company and a video production company.

When you have a marketing company, or any company at all, you do a lot of research to see the trends and demands going on in your market place… So when I started traveling, I was researching ‘black people in Thailand’ and ‘black people in Colombia’… The list goes on.

But, there was never much information on it at all.

For me, when I create a marketing information product or help sell a product for another company, the first thing I’ll do is research that there is a demand for this product or service.

When I found basically zero information about black travelers back in 2010 and 2011, I started to make videos about my experience as a black traveler.

Black Travel in Thailand

Just like when I wanted to find information on black billionaires back in 2008 and found nothing… I did my own research and made my own videos about it. I just wanted the video to reach people like me and not worry about getting a ton of views. But now my latest black billionaire video has 223,443 views.

You can watch it here >>>

I knew people just like me were researching ‘black people in Colombia’, or ‘black people in Thailand’. It’s a big market.

Now my travel videos have millions of views all because I saw a market and a demand that no one else was filling.

I want to give you some tips if you’re looking at creating your own videos. There’s a lot of people out there making videos and blogging, and they’re all trying to figure out how to get the views and the likes…

So how do you get engagement?

You give the people what they want.

It’s not by chance you’re reading this right now.
I targeted YOU because I know you might relate. But more about how I did that another day.

Let me give you an example.

I went to Colombia and saw no black travel videos whatsoever.

I only saw a music video with black people. Good song, but no information in English about visiting their amazing country.

So I created one, and three years on the video has almost 100,000 views.

These views are VERY targeted and my videos are at the top of search engines like Youtube etc.

When there is a LACK of competition in big industries, this can be huge for you if you act on it. I’ve created videos on a few cities and countries, all starting off by randomly searching ‘black people’ in a specific location, and the results coming up blank.

One time I searched ‘black people in Buenos Aires, Argentina’ and there was NOTHING.


I could create a whole post or video on how you could capitalize on that, but this post is already long enough.

I would love to see more black bloggers and vloggers etc. I will even give you what I have learned over the years to help you. There are advantages you have when traveling just by being black as there’s entire segments of markets wide open for you.

I’m not saying you should limit your videos solely for black folks. Of my videos and content, 90% are not just for black folks.

But here’s why I do make black specific videos:
• Give’s others permission to visit places by seeing my experience
• Let others know it’s safe
• How black people are treated in specific areas
• How much fun we can have
• More often than not, you’ll be more celebrated than you are at home

Black travel

Check out some of my friends if you want more travel info. They focus on a black travel audience. They do it all; group trips, meet ups and connecting with like minds. Many people’s excuse is that their friends aren’t ready to travel yet… But these kind of groups are good for bringing people together.

Evita from Nomadness: She has a group on Facebook with over 10,000 urban travellers and even has a waiting list to be accepted.

They also hold travel conferences so keep an eye out for the next one
For the dopest IG page for black travelers, check out Zim and her team at Travel Noire. They also have a group and group trips.


Africa is a place that’s known for safaris and only needing a dollar a day…
Yagazie and Cherea Robinson are two people to follow that show Africa is much more than that.

You can find Yagazie on IG and at

Cherae Robinson from ‘Tastemakers Africa’. She has very cool app about to launch and a great IG page.

These two show that Africa is much more than Safari’s and only needing a dollar a day.

Hope to catch you up round the world sometime soon. Even shoot me your travel vids, I love seeing other folks’ work.


  1. Love, Love, Love it! Can you feature Salvador de Bahia in Brazil?

    Trinidad & Tobago

  2. Nathaniel and Heather

    Me and my wife saw your video for Thailand and Columbia and it has motovated us to seek a home in Columbia. Great video’s . My wife is from Chicago as well . I am from Gary Indiana.

  3. David Wilcox

    You’re so right about your reasons for this blog. I’ve been blessed to have been able to travel over the years including a trip around the world. It always struck when I looked around that I was always the “ONLY ONE” even in places like Paris and Berlin. Funny thing is my homeboys and my family made me call them from every city I’d visit so I could give them the rundown, after I would they’d always say “I wish I could do this too”, to which I’d say YOU CAN!!! I’m glad you’re doing this because it show’s our people and our CHILDREN that it’s not just the Jigga’s and Mayweather’s among us that travel but even regular dude’s like me ( a bartender ) and you can see the world too.

  4. I just stumbled onto your YouTube page and subsequently, this website. I totally agree with this philosophy of somewhat focusing on the black audience. It really is an untapped niche in such a crowded place, like vlogging. I’m actually in the process of starting a travel vlog myself. I’ve made a couple travel videos, but I want to shift my focus onto a full on travel Vlog. Your site is super helpful, and I’ll be following in the future. Thanks

  5. Please add me to your email list I like what your doing.

  6. Greetings,

    I am visitor of your website, and i consider it to be one of the most helpful websites i have ever visited in my life and many thanks !!!

    Now i have a questions considering how long have you stayed in these countries?

    (Because if i leave I DON’T PLAN TO COME BACK. but i don’t know anyone in Panama or Thailand or anywhere and can this pose as an issue ????.)

    I Just have a high school diploma my question is should i really get a degree before i decide to live abroad?

    MY biggest concern is will i be even able to make enough money to Survive ???

    what are your suggestions as far as income is concerned ??

    ( tried to expat to Antigua , Jamaica & Japan . . .which was total disaster !!!)

    • Appreciate the kind words.

      The team has stayed less than 6 months in each country and visiting regulary.

      More than a degree we suggest you to have a business that can give you usd income while you’re in Medellin for example, where the cost of living is really good.

  7. Aaron Atlas

    Hey Jubril! Hope you get this message and are doing well. I just wanted to get in touch and see if you do any sort of mentoring…or know of how I can connect with mentors. I’m a writer, musician and am currently building a brand in hopes of becoming a digital nomad like yourself. I am currently looking into hiring a marketing firm for my brand but wanted to reach out to you first since you are an online marketer. You can check out my video I Need a Black Girl on YouTube…thanks bro and I look forward to talking with you soon. Sincerely, Aaron

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