Sometimes, you find yourself in a country, fall in love with its culture and diversity and now you want to stay a bit longer. For Passport Heavy, that’s usually the case. We are a sizeable team and having the right space to live and work in comfortably is always a priority. In Bali, we were on the hunt for a long-term home. After looking on Google for some time for companies with good reviews, we found Kibarer Property. They specialise in investment properties for people looking to buy a home or land in Bali. They also focus on long-term rentals which was what we wanted. You can find a home simply by browsing what they have online and can pay for everything even before you arrive. If you’re a bit iffy on that process, you can also fly to Bali and stay at a hotel for a few days while you check out their properties in person.The process of working with them was really first-class all the way! They communicated with us regularly right from the start. We were picked up by a chauffeur at the airport and they ensured we had a smooth transition from landing to getting to our villa.

Now the villa! It was honestly a space out of a Hollywood movie. From the moment you walk through the doors, you can immediately tell that the owner had a taste for detail. The villa contains 4 large bedrooms with 5 bathrooms, you have ocean views, a sizeable swimming pool, jacuzzi, internet (a must!) through-out the house on all levels, a separate room for the house-keeper, 2 kitchens and 2 large dining rooms, parking area, a pool deck, super stylish living room, really, there was a lot! The space was so large that if you’re staying in the bedroom by the pools, it takes about 2 minutes just to walk to the kitchen! Overall, our villa was simply an impressive space to live and work in. It made for a great home to entertain guests in and as digital nomads, there was more than enough space for all of us to work independently and with little distractions.

Our favourite spot were of course the living room where we could interact with friends and just chill out on the sofas with music playing through the Bose surround sound. The pool area was everyone’s go-to where there was a lot of laughter and memories to be created.

Long-term rentals are the way to go if you’re simply not ready to leave a new and exciting country. And when done with a team of friends and co-workers, you’re in for a memorable experience.

Photography by Yagazie Emezi

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