Despite what media says, Medellin is by far one of our favorite cities in Colombia. Is the second large city in country and has everything we love: great food, nice views, amazing spots, beautiful people.

The PH Team was living there for almost 6 months and we are glad to show you all the cool things Medellin has to offer. Stop watching and believing everything they say on TV and take the risk to enjoy Colombia to the fullest. Check our tour guide so you can start planning your visit ASAP.

Check our detailed cost of living guide for Medellin

Affordable and beautiful

Join Rene to experience a fun Medellin

The tourism in the city is growing every day and thanks to this there is a lot to do here

This was literally one of the craziest nights we've had in Colombia

One word: futbol! Locals in Medellin are crazy about futbol and this is what happens when their team gets the biggest title in the country

Check our first official PassportHeavy video

A good approach of Colombia and Medellin vibes

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