Image by Emilio Kuzma-Floyd

By now, you’ve heard about active Mount Agung and of course, you’re worried. You’re worried about travel plans. Will you be stuck in Bali? Will you be able to make it TO Bali? How much could the volcano affect? What is happening?! And there are tons of information flying around and with media, it’s easy to get scared or misled. So here are so helpful links for you to keep up with our burpy volcano.

Dr. Janine Krippner – she is a qualified and passionate volcanologist who regularly tweets information on Mt. Agung’s activity. The information she provides is easy to follow along with and will give a better understand on what is happening without the fear tactics. She also gives out useful information on how to help and also be prepared. She also translate tweets from Balinese pros on ground!

https://magma.vsi.esdm.go.idย – is a useful site to help keep direct track of the volcano’s activity. – if you want to know how be prepared against any possible health hazards, it’s right here!

How can you help?ย – thousands of people have been affected by this and while it’s understandable that you’re worried for your travels, there are ways in which you can contribute to those in need!

Then you can also keep up with Bali community groups on Facebook which are filled by locals and expats who often offer tidbits of useful information:



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